5 Reasons Why You Should Never Try To Be an Entrepreneur

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Yeah that’s right; I’m telling you that you don’t stand a chance. If you can read this article, look through this list and claim it as your own.   Then, drop everything you are doing and immediately question your decision to become an entrepreneur.  Know this, entrepreneurship is the willingness to risk it all.

Entrepreneurship is the willingness to risk it all

What I’m saying is that if you are not willing to pay the price to become an entrepreneur by exposing yourself to the possibility of multiple failures, constant struggles, self-doubt, and unforeseen challenges, then you don’t stand a chance.  Don’t even try it!

Never Try To Be an Entrepreneur because:

 Thomas Edison

  1. You don’t embrace failing

It is not for you, because successful entrepreneurs are out there trying to fail, challenging themselves, doing new things, and failing as fast as possible. As entrepreneurs fail, they learn, and then adjust their course of action to make sure their path is always moving forward. Meanwhile you’re sitting around failing to try.

JP Morgan

  1. You are not willing to struggle

Entrepreneurship is not for you, because when you are faced with adversity you get paralyzed with fear. Every time you have struggled you always have an excuse for why things are not going your way and it is never your fault.  If the struggle continues, then you think everything is too hard or too complicated so you will just wait for things to get better.

It doesn’t matter how much you hate your situation! You don’t have the will to change it. And even if I told you everything could be different tomorrow, you would wait until then to begin doing anything about it.  But you won’t, because you never have.


  1. You can’t risk it all

You need to realize this! Entrepreneurs will recklessly abandon all. You can stay comfortable in knowing that while you hold on to the mundane they explored the exceptional.

They are willing to risk it all. But not you!  You are comfortable in your mediocrity.  You won’t dare to risk a thing because you care more about the things you have now as opposed to the possibility of what you can achieve.


  1. You want to do what you love

If you want to become an entrepreneur so that you gain the ability to do what you “love” to do, don’t you dare to do it! Because the amount of time you spend doing what you “love” is often a fraction of the time you spend on learning, working, and doing the business of what you “love” to do.

Surprise! In order for you to do what you love, you have to do things you do not love to do. You actually have to run a business.

Don Draper

  1. It will be the biggest challenge of your life

You wanted to be an entrepreneur?  You didn’t realize that you needed to be an expert at everything?

Yes! You will need to be an accountant, manager, secretary, sales rep, customer service, and oh, janitor.  Yeah that’s right; I’m telling you that you have to know about accounts payable and accounts receivable. You hate those things! Guess what? If you don’t do these things you hate, then they’ll eat up your dreams and you can say bye bye to your business.

You just don’t understand that it’s never the Idea; it’s the execution.

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Author: Saul Villanueva

I was born in Leon, Mexico. My Mother, a woman dear to my heart, brought my brothers and I to the United States at an early age. Her sacrifices and drive were my inspiration to begin a company that affords people, businesses, and society tools to grow. However, growth is not a simple thing.

As a child, I had responsibilities over my household while my mother worked. She taught us that regardless of the situation, we had responsibilities to maintain our well-being, and to look after each other.

My mother taught us that there was time to work, but their was also time to enjoy, and be grateful for the time we spent as a family. She also taught us that if we were going to make breakthroughs, we needed to learn to overlook challenges, make gains, and continuously improve not only ourselves, but those around us.

That extraordinary woman empowered me to believe in myself as I took on the corporate world. I moved up the ranks while attending night school, eventually moving to my MBA. During that journey, I realized that breakthroughs happened outside the comfort zone. So I took a leap of faith, as my mother before me. I co-founded Br8kthroo to empower people, and businesses that work towards bettering themselves, and those around them.

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I love how condescending this article is. Every paragraph ends with an insult to people that don’t want to start thier own business. I respect entrepreneurs, but just because I work for another company does not make me mediocre.
Not all of us want to monetize our passions. I like putting in my 40 hours and leaving work at the door.

In my last job, I worked for a small company and it was miserable. Low pay and too many hours. The owner regularly put in 60 plus hour weeks. Not all of us love work enough to start a company. My valuing recreation and health over not working for the ‘man’ does not make me less of a person than you.


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