6 Steps to Create a Winning Marketing Strategy

  Being and entrepreneur is full of challenges. It´s the most exciting race that a person or team can start. Along with a strong business plan, you´ll need to manage multiple tools and disciplines to achieve your goals.  Hopefully your...

To Be or Not To Be A Business Online?

Asking this question in the XXI century is almost a sin.  But believe it or not, some people are still wondering if they should take their business online. The Internet has transformed the way we introduce ourselves before the rest...
WASHINGTON, DC - NOVEMBER 11:  The color guard makes its entrance at the Veterans Day ceremony at the National World War II Memorial November 11, 2010.  (Photo by Dayna Smith/for the Washington Post)

Mentor Advice for Transitioning Veterans

  This Veteran’s day, we share an important message from Matt Scherer about the need for mentors for Veterans transitioning to the “real world.  You can follow this link to the actual post: Mentors — what transitioning vets need Nov....

How I Ultimately Found Passion and Became a True Entrepreneur

Passion and Entrepreneurship: Don’t you know the world is constantly changing? Are you ready to face it? Compared to the old days, the way you prepare and get ready change has, well, changed. After WWII people used to follow a...
Couple on Sofa Man want to Be an Entrepreneur

5 Reasons Why You Should Never Try To Be an Entrepreneur

  Yeah that’s right; I’m telling you that you don’t stand a chance. If you can read this article, look through this list and claim it as your own.   Then, drop everything you are doing and immediately question your decision...
young witch operates in a alchemy lab services marketing

Services Marketing Alchemy: Making the Intangible, Tangible

Knife representing pain as the most valuable business lesson Air Force Survival Evasion Escape and Resistance School (SERE)

The Most Valuable Business Lesson I Learned at The Air Force’s Survival Evasion Resistance and Escape (SERE) School

Spokane, Washington There is no freedom, happiness, or comfort.  There are unbearable temperatures–hot or cold–that you’ll learn to endure for weeks at a time.  There is a constant physiological hunger that your mind adapts to as you learn how to...
never get fished

How To Never Get Phished

Let’s go phishing! Hold on, put down the rod and reel. Phishing is when a scammer calls you, sends you a link, an email, or redirects you to a webpage that looks legitimate, but is actually just trying to get your...
networking free vs paid

Networking Free vs Paid

Is paying to network worth it? I am quickly growing in the networking world of San Antonio. I enjoy attending many networking events around town. I love to meet new people and get to know each other’s passions. The first...

Secret Video Marketing Strategy Made Simple

Communication is always evolving.  Since ancient humans began structuring language, developing writing systems and implement different symbols to communicate to each other, there has always been a common factor: Images. Image is a universal way to communicate. It is powerful,...