Forget Business Ethics and Start Selling Drugs


Sure you can make ton of money really fast.  Now let me ask you,

what good is it to have millions of dollars, but live your life in hiding? Is it worth having a lavish home and fancy cars if you don’t have the people you love around you? Is your business worth losing your child’s graduation or their school events?

Why I’m I getting on a soap box about business ethics?  Well, I’m watching Netflix’s Pablo Escobar: El Patron del Mal. By the way, it’s an awesome series if you can gut the violence. Thankfully, I am fully bilingual because it is also in Spanish. My brother would suggest I stop watching Netflix and pick up a book, and maybe I should.  However, that’s how I relax. Pablo, on the other hand had different ideas about relaxing.

He became a millionaire by smuggling tons of cocaine into the US. Part of his strategy relied on terrorism in Colombia. He killed many people. He blew up an airplane in midair! He raped virgins, killed them, then had lunch. You get the point.  But he was a business man that ran a complex organization with many businesses.

Monster or not, the man knew business.  Regardless of the style, it was leadership that took Pablo to the  head of the drug cartel in Medellin, Colombia. I’m sure he could’ve written a “Six Steps to Ultimate Drug Lord Guide” if he was still around.  In it, he would’ve described how brand loyalty, internal and external, are essential for growth.  Pablo understood that loyalty and standardization are requirements in big business.

In his guide, he would’ve also included the ethics of drug trafficking.  Now, according to Investopedia, business ethics “are implemented in order to ensure that a certain required level of trust exists between consumers and various forms of market participants with businesses”.  With that in mind, let’s see if we can name a few according to the world of Pablo Escobar:


1-Thou shall not steal from me

2-Thou shall work for me or face your Savior

3-People that work for me shall be well compensatede

4-See rule number 1

5-People will always buy drugs


We can debate if those are ethics or commandments.  Either way, Pablo Escobar established ethics for his organization that everyone understood.  He is a reminder that the road to success–however  success is defined–comes in many forms, and from many directions.  It makes me wonder what he would’ve accomplished given today’s technology tools.

I’m not saying that you are capable of doing any of those things.  But there are little things, like using company funds for yourself, making side deals, speaking bad about a client, or other little things that are “not a big deal” that lead to a murky road.  When we start to cross a path that starts to bother your moral compass, then it’s time to stop and check your ethics.  Like success, lots of little steps measure up to a big deal.  You know when it’s time to action and make sure it’s a team effort!  But be wary of groupthink.

At Br8kthroo, I aspire to help people like myself:  Hard workers! I work for people that want to make something of themselves by making things better for everyone else.  I work to make sure that people get the most value for their money in all our services.  Maybe I can get to the top by being selfish.  But why go through the trouble?  There are too many opportunities to do well while providing high value at a very reasonable cost.

Regardless of the available tools today for success, keep your business ethics in check.  How do you know if your ethics are right?  The best tool available for that is love.  Give your people love. Treat them with a smile. Call them to find out how things are going. Keep them updated on any progress.  That’s how we get to the top.  By offering honest, friendly and efficient service that you care about.

As for starting a drug trafficking business….Nah.   I rather keep working hard while making people smile.



Author: Samarie Lamboy

I am better known by everybody as Sam, and this everybody knows that I have a great passion in helping businesses grow. I am a naturally born leader, thus, helping others in my own ways are pretty effective. Also, I am a business manager with experience in the human resource field. Since America is built on small businesses, my goal is to help businesses grow from day one until they become very successful.

I am a mother of two beautiful girls, and married to a great man. A native of Puerto Rico and raised in Baltimore, Maryland, I always grew up wanting my own business.

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