To Be or Not To Be A Business Online?


Asking this question in the XXI century is almost a sin.  But believe it or not, some people are still wondering if they should take their business online.

The Internet has transformed the way we introduce ourselves before the rest of the world. It brought us a new way to interact with people all over and also to get closer to our clients.  With that in mind, all businesses, no matter how small or traditional it is, should not and cannot afford NOT to be a business online.  Not to be online is a big mistake.  HUGE! Donald Trump with Text that says YUGE

There are several elements that come into play when we talk about business online:

1- The marketplace is always changing, and will change again, and again, and again, and each time faster.  You must find a way to be visible at all times.

2- Consumers’ needs are frequently changing because the world’s trends are rapidly evolving.

3- Today’s competition is much greater than in the past. Only the fittest will survive. The ones that will able to innovate and take risks.

4- Today’s consumers are smarter. They pretty much know what they like and dislike. They have access to more and better information than ever before in the history of mankind, and that allows for multiple choices.

5- Consumers are constantly looking for something better and newer. They want to be awed and surprised with new trends, technologies, styles, etc.

The Internet is our greatest ally. Social networks are our witnesses. And online marketing is our best tool. Today there is nothing hidden between heaven and earth much less on the Internet. It is like our all-seeing and all-knowing “big brother”. That is why our business image or brand is not ours anymore. Its reputation is built by hundreds of comments, likes, shares and tweets in the social networks. The good products or services we provide will be rewarded. The opposite will be punished even worse than in real life. A true nightmare!

Social networks’ opinion is now considered to be the truth – and that truth is made by what our clients are saying about our product or service.  A well crafted website by professionals can help your reputation by allowing your clients to engage positively with your product or service.  That helps prevent negative comments that would wind up somewhere else in the internet out of your control.

This is an important reason to have a strong business online presence and be able to address and interact with your client’s opinions and needs.

If you think that using traditional advertising will keep you safe, then I recommend that you reevaluate your options. People are tired of getting too many flyers or letters in the mail.  Let’s not mention those who hate seeing millions of trees getting killed to get you all that junk mail.

Consumers generally don’t like to spend time filling out surveys unless they get rewarded for it. Yes, traditional marketing has changed a lot. You can advertise many promotions – BOGO, Happy Hours, Ladies’ Nights (or Days) and everything in between, but all that is no longer sufficient if you don’t advertise the same promotions over the Internet. If you are not marketing online, your risk a lot of work and effort, with little fruit.  You also risk losing your business to that competitor with a fancy website.

It is essential to have a business online to connect with your clients, tend to their needs, listen to them, and offer them your best.

Did you know that 97% of consumers search for products and services online?

The Internet is more than just a place to reach information. It is a social network where billions of people communicate and interact daily. With the Internet, there are no barriers of time or space, or even language thanks to the translators. That gives us a unique opportunity to connect with our clients and serve their needs in a way that only we know how.  That’s after getting all the information about them through the analytics that the Social Media channels have collected from them.

Online marketing will allow you to build a deeper relationship with your clients.  Serve them well and they will thank you by letting the world know how good you were to them.

Today we pay more attention to the rating of a product or service than to the message told to us by traditional advertising.

Social networks play an important role in this. With the Internet and Social Media, there are no obstacles for a startup, solopreneur, or small business in a small town. Their message can spread fast to nearby towns, other cities, and even other countries.  The world is your market!

Another advantage of the Internet? It will allow locating your business in Google Maps, FourSquare, Yelp or other apps. Social media and Smartphone apps can

  • display your menu if your are a restaurant
  • send promotions via email marketing
  • explain how your product is made with graphic animated videos
  • resolve technical issues via YouTube
  • follow your live events via Periscope
  • reach your customer service department via Twitter
  • share your most interesting and useful content via Facebook
  • let you clients be themselves by sharing with a selfie in Instagram
  • even more endless opportunities…

The Internet works for everyone, large, medium or small businesses. We are in a fascinating time in history where technology is allowing us to communicate worldwide.    We should know how to use this to our advantage. We cannot afford to fall behind! Online marketing allows us to be closer to our customers. With the different tools available out there, we can know in detail the trends of our clients.

Their behavior on the Internet is the basis for identifying their interests, needs, and habits.  All these are valuable information for our marketing strategies, whether online or traditional. If we have access to all this information from your clients, and you believe in your product or service, you will definitely have valuable options to offer to them.  You can focus on particular niche market, while minimizing costs in advertising and increasing the chances of conversions and ROI of your business.

Online marketing works. It looks like magic, but there is a lot of science behind it. If you want to know more about online marketing,  contact us here, and we will get back to you with great strategies to help you break through the online world!

Author: Veronica Fernandez-Miller

Veronica has more than 20 years of experience in the executive and public relations area, she is oriented in offering the best client services to empower people and companies so they can achieve their professional and personal goals.

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