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Task Management: Walking the Fine Line of Work Life Balance

Happy New Year! Don´t you love to start a new year? I adore the beginnings of news stages. In one hand the ending of a year gives us the opportunity of meditating about what we did right (or not so…

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Knife representing pain as the most valuable business lesson Air Force Survival Evasion Escape and Resistance School (SERE)

The Most Valuable Business Lesson I Learned at The Air Force’s Survival Evasion Resistance and Escape (SERE) School

There is no freedom, happiness, or comfort.  There are unbearable temperatures–hot or cold–that you’ll learn to endure for weeks at a time.  There is a constant physiological hunger that your mind adapts to as you learn how to deal with…

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Forget Business Ethics and Start Selling Drugs

Sure you can make ton of money really fast.  Now let me ask you, what good is it to have millions of dollars, but live your life in hiding? Is it worth having a lavish home and fancy cars if…

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