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Building Your Brand

How Often Do You Think About This When Building Your Brand?

Don’t do it for the money! Brand positioning and brand development are extensions of your ideal goals as an individual. Would you give your life for a car, or a house? Ensure that your goals are worthy and fulfilling to…

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Task Management: Walking the Fine Line of Work Life Balance

Happy New Year! Don´t you love to start a new year? I adore the beginnings of news stages. In one hand the ending of a year gives us the opportunity of meditating about what we did right (or not so…

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The “In Your Business” Giant: Leveraging Facebook

  The world has turned 180 degrees since we began to see the infinite possibilities of the Internet. It started with the idea that we, people of flesh and blood, could be marketable in the internet too. It all started…

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To Be or Not To Be A Business Online?

Asking this question in the XXI century is almost a sin.  But believe it or not, some people are still wondering if they should take their business online. The Internet has transformed the way we introduce ourselves before the rest…

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Couple on Sofa Man want to Be an Entrepreneur

5 Reasons Why You Should Never Try To Be an Entrepreneur

  Yeah that’s right; I’m telling you that you don’t stand a chance. If you can read this article, look through this list and claim it as your own.   Then, drop everything you are doing and immediately question your decision…

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Knife representing pain as the most valuable business lesson Air Force Survival Evasion Escape and Resistance School (SERE)

The Most Valuable Business Lesson I Learned at The Air Force’s Survival Evasion Resistance and Escape (SERE) School

There is no freedom, happiness, or comfort.  There are unbearable temperatures–hot or cold–that you’ll learn to endure for weeks at a time.  There is a constant physiological hunger that your mind adapts to as you learn how to deal with…

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