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15 Best Tips From Digital Marketing Experts For Startups/Small Businesses

Marketing is the cornerstone of any business. Traditional forms of marketing like advertisements on television or through print, have perennially existed in businesses to garner more attention to their products or services. While the concept of marketing is an ancient…

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Five Tips for Quick YouTube Marketing

Five Tips for Quick YouTube Marketing Success

    All things adapt to changes in their environment, humans no differently than the Galapagos turtle.  Our tastes change, our methods of finding information, how we shop—and also more physical traits like our attention span.  One of the main…

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Baby with hand in face because of landing page mistakes

Avoid These 3 Landing Page Mistakes

Last year, I attended a seminar on landing pages. The speaker, successful business owner Karl Staib, suggests people tend to miss three important factors when designing the ideal landing page. My first question in the seminar: “ What is a landing…

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6 Steps to Create a Winning Marketing Strategy

  Being and entrepreneur is full of challenges. It´s the most exciting race that a person or team can start. Along with a strong business plan, you´ll need to manage multiple tools and disciplines to achieve your goals.  Hopefully your…

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