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15 Best Tips From Digital Marketing Experts For Startups/Small Businesses

Marketing is the cornerstone of any business. Traditional forms of marketing like advertisements on television or through print, have perennially existed in businesses to garner more attention to their products or services. While the concept of marketing is an ancient…

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Five Tips for Quick YouTube Marketing

Five Tips for Quick YouTube Marketing Success

    All things adapt to changes in their environment, humans no differently than the Galapagos turtle.  Our tastes change, our methods of finding information, how we shop—and also more physical traits like our attention span.  One of the main…

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The “In Your Business” Giant: Leveraging Facebook

  The world has turned 180 degrees since we began to see the infinite possibilities of the Internet. It started with the idea that we, people of flesh and blood, could be marketable in the internet too. It all started…

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To Be or Not To Be A Business Online?

Asking this question in the XXI century is almost a sin.  But believe it or not, some people are still wondering if they should take their business online. The Internet has transformed the way we introduce ourselves before the rest…

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young witch operates in a alchemy lab services marketing

Services Marketing Alchemy: Making the Intangible, Tangible

What is Services Marketing? One of the most fascinating and interesting challenges in marketing is to promote services. Unlike a product which is specific, touchable, and not edible, services are intangible and subjective. Let’s understand subjective as the fact that every...
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Secret Video Marketing Strategy Made Simple

Communication is always evolving.  Since ancient humans began structuring language, developing writing systems and implement different symbols to communicate to each other, there has always been a common factor: Images. Image is a universal way to communicate. It is powerful,…

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Content Marketing: Evolving Beyond the 4 Ps

  Do you think we live in an amazing era of super communication and relationships? Today more than ever companies and products have the opportunity to establish much closer relationships with their customer. The massive amount of information available can be so over…

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Top SEO Strategies to Get the Spiders Crawling Your Way

“What’s SEO again?” That’s what one of my clients asked on our last meeting.  SEO is what happens when the spiders come crawling for your site!  In this case, we want the spiders.  We love the spiders.  Embrace the spiders…

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