Content Marketing: Evolving Beyond the 4 Ps



Do you think we live in an amazing era of super communication and relationships? Today more than ever companies and products have the opportunity to establish much closer relationships with their customer. The massive amount of information available can be so over whelming that companies may feel it’s no longer optimal to listen closely to customers, to know them and, or become their friend. They rather rely on analytics and trends. However, companies that don´t do those kind of actions are condemned to limit the success they can achieve.

Times are changing much faster than we realize and so is the way we market products, services and even people. It is not longer enough to use the famous 4 P´s proposed by the father of marketing, Phillip Kotler – Product, Price, Place and Promotion. And don’t get me wrong, these 4 P’s remain the backbone of marketing. But today, in order to be successful, you need to go much further and incorporate new strategies to keep in touch in a personalized level with consumers. We must interact with them, give them value beyond product or service. Companies must cultivate, and maintain a relationship that continues much beyond the moment they click the buy button for your product or service.

The interaction between companies and customers have undergone great changes. The internet is one of the primary means–if not the best platform–to make yourself known and get new customers all over the world. Having a website doesn´t mean just having an address in the internet to show who you are. A website today must be considered an essential part of the marketing strategy and should be designed from the outset to be highly valued by those looking for what you can offer. The dynamics of inter connectivity, social value, and great content give way to a new form of marketing: Content Marketing.

This new and trendy discipline includes developing content designed and structured to meet three main objectives:

  • Be compatible with the web crawlers in order to obtain better results to appear in the major search engines in the internet.
  • Allow your company to have their own “online voice” that identifies and differentiates it from its competitors.
  • Provide customers added value with both, the use of the products or services as well as information for learning and personal development.

A well-structured Content Marketing strategy should meet certain characteristics such as:

1) A clear and measurable goal.

2) Focus on a specific campaign. Focus in having permanent presence in the strategy of the company.

3) Depth knowledge of the audience to which it seeks to achieve and its needs.

4) Development of valuable content that meet both, the objectives of the company and the customers need for information.

5) The use of content calendars for consistent publication, structured but flexible to meet the changing market dynamics.

6) A detailed selection of different channels through which this content will be presented.

7) A dedicated team to carry out this strategy (from Content Coordinators to editors).

At Br8kthroo we are convinced about the importance of adding value beyond the services we offer, because we are passionate about marketing. We want to always be at the forefront with new trends in this area . We also do what we do because we know that giving is more important than receiving, including great content. Implementing content marketing is an ever rewarding experience for team Br8kthroo.

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Author: Melbeg Exposito

Melbeg Exposito is one of Br8kthroo’s collaborator for copy write material and the Marketing Director for Organización Repro. Formerly she was the Channel Campaign Manager for Oracle Venezuela and the Integrated Marketing Communications Manager for IBM Venezuela. She is the recipient of the Publicity National Asociation (Anda in spanish) award. Melbeg has a Social Communications Bachelor’s Degree from Universidad Católica Andres Bello and a Master’s Degree in Marketing from Universidad Simón Bolivar.

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