Should Businesses Worry About Customer Service Skills?


Ah the Golden Age of Choices

Should MCD with their market cap of 95 sum billion worry about their employee’s customer service skills? Do I blame the workers, furiously fast system of burger production, or dirt cheap food for the deconstruction of my need to feel human? To think, this all started with a snack wrap.

I admit it.  Every few moments in the year (perhaps more), I indulge in the guilty pleasure that is MCD’s snack wrap.  If you can get past the nuggets, I would recommend this delicious treat smothered in a creamy honey mustard flavored dressing, crunchy–but juicy chicken, wrapped in a soft flour tortilla.  When I’m hungry, this quick treat puts the neurons on my tongue to dance.  I don’t know who cares to take credit for it’s creation, but I’d like to thank her for the joy it brings me every so often.  That’s unless the experience is ruined with poor customer service skills.

The Case of Poor Customer Service Skills

This is how it went:

Worker: “Can I help you?”
Me: “May I have a snack wrap with honey mustard please, small fry and a small diet coke.”
Worker: “Hold on,” as he steps away, sidetracked on tasks that bear no relationship to my level of hunger.
I start to drift away in irrational thinking as time goes by.  What the heck is taking forever?
Worker with an unapologetic face: “Can you repeat your order?”

He gets the serious look from me.  It is the same look my children get a split second before they freeze in fear.
Me: “May I have a snack wrap with honey mustard please, small fry and a small diet coke.”  My tone was the same as I repeated the information.
Worker: “We don’t have honey mustard snack wrap. Only ranch.”
Me: “Ok, hold the ranch please.”
Worker: “$4.82.”  He then extends his arm out without looking at me and asks for the money.

“Did your mom not teach you please and thank you!,” my brain yelled.  The message didn’t get to my tongue.  It was already salivating. Yuk, I know.

The unrelated tasks continued as my food arrived.
Me: “May I have some honey mustard please.”
Worker: “he wants cherry pie. Do we have that?”
Manager screams: “NO!”
The worker then extends his arm with my honey mustard, again, without looking at me.

How do you get to be a multi-million dollar business, take someone’s money, and not even say thank you?  I felt empty as a consumer.

The Golden Rule

Somehow, I keep coming back to the fast food places, coffee shops, and stores with robot workers.  But it’s a bit disappointing every time someone falls short.

Here at Br8kthroo, customer service is not something we address within the team.  The reason for that is we all share the same philosophy, which is a core value, and simple for us:  Treat everyone the way we want to be treated.  We smile, thank, and appreciate our guest, clients, and customers. They have choices!

Author: Samarie Lamboy

I am better known by everybody as Sam, and this everybody knows that I have a great passion in helping businesses grow. I am a naturally born leader, thus, helping others in my own ways are pretty effective. Also, I am a business manager with experience in the human resource field. Since America is built on small businesses, my goal is to help businesses grow from day one until they become very successful.

I am a mother of two beautiful girls, and married to a great man. A native of Puerto Rico and raised in Baltimore, Maryland, I always grew up wanting my own business.

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