Five Tips for Quick YouTube Marketing Success


Five Tips for Quick YouTube Marketing


All things adapt to changes in their environment, humans no differently than the Galapagos turtle.  Our tastes change, our methods of finding information, how we shop—and also more physical traits like our attention span.  One of the main reasons why digital marketing has shifted from the days of pop-up ads and mailers is because humans have adapted to technology in such an extreme way that the attention span of modern humans is now less than that of goldfish.  You have relatively few seconds now to grab your user’s attention even with video adsToday’s Smartphone user doesn’t care about a storyline unless that storyline gets to the point quickly and with a lot of razzle dazzle.  The modern Internet user has also had a decade of memes and gifs that have gotten increasingly more bizarre and changed what is considered humorous.  Yes, good people, the bar has been raised for marketing professionals.  You are marketing to users with the attention span of a toddler and pretty much their same tastes in humor.  YouTube is still one of the best ways to sell products if you understand the type of people who live on it.  How do you market to the modern YouTube viewer?  Here’s how.

Forget everything you know about traditional marketing and embrace the anarchy

Traditional is over.  If you like traditional styles of commercials you may be out of luck.  YouTube is anarchy.  YouTube is commercial sales people who gave up and decided to eat fish eye Jell-O for their advertisers and get close to seven million views.  It is women selling children’s products simply by unwrapping them on camera.  YouTube marketing is anything and everything as long as it can keep someone’s attention longer than 8 seconds.  Forget about standing in front of an infographic in a nice outfit and talking.  Forget about paying someone to create an infographic ad that will play on YouTube.  YouTube only forces users to watch for 5 seconds and that’s as long as they will watch it.  Charts, graphs, and traditional advertising is boring.  If you want to go that route then you have to step it up and find some way to make it more interesting: juggling fire while talking about it, swallowing swords, or while wearing a Sonic the Hedgehog suit.

Make it memorable squatty patty shown as Youtube marketing memorable campaign

What do bowel movement and unicorns have in common?  I’ll let you think about that for a second.  Nothing, right?  Exactly.  However, the creators of Squatty Potty knew what the Shark Tank judges and conventional executives did not: it doesn’t matter what these things have in common as long as it’s funny, weird, or weird and funny.  The CEO chose to go with the seemingly insane suggestion by marketing gurus, the Harmon Brothers, to create a video about a unicorn creating ice cream poop while squatting. You read that right.  In fact, given that this viral video has had 50 million views and boosted sales by 600% chances are that you’ve seen it, know the song by heart, or bought one of the stools.  In one trippy, crazy, seemingly inappropriate and altogether nuts video, Bobby Edwards and the Harmon Brothers proved that YouTube is not only a powerful marketing force to be reckoned with, but that it has created an audience that embraces the weird.  And speaking of weird…


ASMR stands for “autonomous sensory meridian response”, it is a technique used by many YouTube gurus that basically uses a lot of sounds that create a “head gasm” response in the viewer.  ASMR has taken YouTube by storm and one 28 year old Russian woman proved with 87 million viewers that if the sound is correct, you can be as boring as you like.  Pull hair from a hairbrush, fold clothes, blow candles out—this is what she did to create a sensation that rocked the Internet and will let her retire at 30.  While you may not understand ASMR enough to create ads using this, you can take from this an important lesson.  The low talking techniques, the repetitive gestures, and the prize waiting at the end are all powerful ways of lulling your users into watching.  Bringing up the unpackaging videos that use some of the ASMR techniques of sound, but also anticipation it is possible to deliver you product in a way that is pleasing to late night viewers.  Think of this as the new frontier of infomercials.  Instead of someone using carnival barker techniques, they now speak like your massage therapist.  In spite of Pewdiepie’s viewership, the mysterious woman behind the Disney unwrapping makes the most bank out of YouTube today.

Use established reviewers that know YouTube Marketing

the Stylish shown as youtube marketing reviewer

There is a whole world within a world on YouTube of everyday people doing product reviews.  There are even reviewers who review people who do product reviews.  Having someone (or several people) who already has an established fandom review your product will give you more bang from your buck in the beginning than if you were to create your own channel.  A good place to start is with looking at the reviewers who review the reviewersI hope that had the right amount of “review” in it.  These comedians usually have a good touch on the pulse of Youtubers and will point the way to people you ought to check out.

Don’t look back, think ahead

From Michael Alig and the Club Kids whose late 80’s irreverence set the stage for the late 00’s rise of Lady Gaga, to the Russian lady and her ASMR channel—it is always about finding the next thing and taking a chance.  When you are brainstorming for your YouTube commercial ad or marketing channel don’t let anything hold you back.  Ideas are precious and creativity is a gift.  Just because someone hasn’t done it before, doesn’t mean you won’t do it and do it well.  Have faith in your own creativity and innovation.  You already created a product or service using your own brain and ideas.  Commercial videos are no different.  Believe in yourself, trust in your ideas, and ask yourself: what’s next?

Author: Eliud Lamboy

Eliud “Elliott” Lamboy is the CEO and co-founder of Br8kthroo Corp. His work at Br8kthoo began after transitioning from public service helping veterans improve their lives. He is also a veteran of Operation Enduring Freedom in Afghanistan and Operation Iraqi Freedom, working as a flight nurse in hostile environments. He now brings those core values of “service before self” and “excellence in all we do” to his civilian duties.

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