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As an IT professional there are many questions I get asked. One of the most common is: “How do I stop pop ups?”

Many people have trouble with Internet popups. Whether they’re pornographic, spammy, or just plain unnecessary, popups can be both a hassle and a danger to your computer. Popups, however, can be effectively neutralized with the right steps. By using the tips in this blog, you will be able to make sure these popups do not do any harm to your computer, and stop from popping up.

Pop Up Blockers to Stop Pop Ups

Most browsers out there have some sort of built in pop up blocker built right into the program itself. To navigate to the pop up blocker in Internet Explorer for example, click Tools → Options → Privacy, and then check the “Block pop-ups” option. Google Chrome is located: Chrome menu, then clicking SettingsShow advanced settings Content settings, and then checking the“Do not allow any site to show pop-ups” option. If you’re built in blocker isn’t getting the job done…

Get A Pop Up Blocker Browser Extension

There are several popup blocker extensions that improve the functionality of your browser’s popup detection. Some examples of popular popup blocker extensions that stop pop ups include: Popper Blocker, Adblock Plus, Better Pop Up Blocker,Flashblock, or NoScript.

Third Party Pop Up Blocking Software

Sometimes, for whatever reason, your browser’s popup detection will fail and a few ads will get through. Most of the time, fixing this is simply a matter of turning on your browser’s popup blocker option; but for simple peace of mind or for heavy-duty security, you’ll want to buy or download software to get the job done.
Most good popup blocker software isn’t free, so if you’re hawkish about internet security, or constantly bombarded with ads, you may want to consider paying for software. With paid software, you’ll usually get:

  • Easy installation and ready usability
  • All the bells and whistles, with most centering on detecting and removing adware and spyware
  • Help and support, with good customer service
  • Added security features, aside from just the bells and whistles

Boost Your Computer’s Privacy Settings

On a Windows device, navigate to the Control Panel.  Find the “Internet Options” tab in the Control Panel. Click on the Privacy Tab in Internet Options. If it isn’t already, turn on “pop-up blocker.” Click “Settings” and turn on the Filter level to its highest setting. Close out the Settings tab and click “Apply” to activate the Privacy change.

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Author: Jeremy Paul

I am Br8kthroo’s Chief Information Officer and I lead the IT Department.
In 2004, I have received an Associate’s Degree from McCann School of Business and Technology. Two years after, I joined the United States Air Force as a Health Service Administrator. My expertise in computer networking administration and repair was an asset to the USAF as I served my country.

After the military, I worked at MA/COMM – Tyco Electronics, and Geek Squad. However, after a few months, I left the latter company because it forced me to charge clients a substantial amount of money for the services I provided. I love helping people. But I do not love to overcharge. So, I decided to work at a reduced cost helping anyone who asks with their computer problems. When your computer gets sick or injured, I am the soothing doctor to the rescue. It is funny how all these computers seem to find me.

I am currently working on my Bachelor’s degree at University of Phoenix but that doesn’t stop me from giving time to help people with their computer woes. I excel at finding solutions to even the most difficult challenges and I am proud to say that I am Br8kthroo’s super tech guy!.

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