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If your business is just getting into the digital age, we’re here to help. When hunting for quality IT services, San Antonio, Houston and the whole of Texas may feel like an even bigger place—how are you supposed to find a team you can trust, an expert on information technology San Antonio and Houston can count on?
The first step is choosing a team that will work with you on multiple fronts, IT services San Antonio businesses can trust to have their best interests at heart at all times. With our team of IT professionals, we’re here to offer you the best information technology services Houston has to offer, and we’re doing it in cooperation with our digital marketing and video production teams, making sure that all the information technology San Antonio can provide will cooperate and work to make your business better.
Whether you need a new network set up or you want to move your business’ file storage to the cloud, you need the kind of information technology services Houston, San Antonio and Texas alone can provide. When it comes to information technology, San Antonio definitely knows what it’s doing. Remember, Texas is the home state of NASA—if anyone outside Silicon Valley understands technology, it’s us!
Our IT services, San Antonio and beyond, offer the following benefits:

IT Management

Businesses with solid Information Technology (IT) infrastructure work more efficiently to increase their ROI.  The proper infrastructure avoids dead times that are very expensive and decrease productivity.

Having an in-house IT Department can be very expensive.  For businesses that are beginning, it may represent an unbearable part of their budget.

That´s why it is so important and convenient to have a solid business partner to be able to outsource all the management of the technology department and let the experts handle all the issues related to (monitoring, preventive maintenance, IT Security, etc.)

With Br8kthroo, you can confidently continue your business while your Br8kthroo team oversees the functionality of your IT infrastructure.

IT Consulting

Planning is key to being successful. To grow and be competitive you need to establish the correct tools that will help your business achieve goal.  We’ll help your IT planning and business strategy by ensuring your IT infrastructure can adapt to the growth of your business.

We have professionals that can analyze your business and inform you of technological tools that will help your business grow and be competitive.


For every business, regardless of size, downtime cost money.

Information Technology has become a very specialized area, and we have professionals with trained skills that can help you and your team solve problems related to your IT Infrastructure, software, hardware, applications, etc.

At Br8ktrhoo, we provide Help Desk services, in your offices or remotely, to solve problems that arise at the user or system level.

Cloud Integration

The most important asset of every business (besides people) is information. It is crucial to keep it safe to guarantee business continuity in the event of catastrophe,  human mistakes , or attacks.

To have back ups and to be able to access your business information anywhere, anytime is vital. We provide you solutions to integrate your systems and applications with support in the cloud.

Access your business from anywhere! We’re ready to get you on the cloud and show you how to stay there.

Server Management

We manage all IT infrastructure in an effective way with preventive maintenance, IT Security, periodic surveillance, and updates necessary guaranteed for your continued operation and useful lifetime of your server infrastructure (as well as other computers on your network).

Having a plan for server management goes hand in hand with business growth and delivering great services or products

Keep your site live 99.9 percent of the time with top of the line hosting and state of the art servers.


We offer you complete services of administration for the different hosting that your company needs from third parties (procurement, maintenance, renovation, contracts, etc.)

Network Infrastructure

Connectivity is the other key aspect of your Information Technology infrastructure that requires attention for your business’s continued growth. From selecting the best cabling provider to implementing the correct IT Security policies, your Network infrastructure will be carefully and securely handled by a professional team.

At Br8ktrhoo, we have the experience so you can feel secure about your network security.


There are lots of options regarding IT equipment that you can buy, but the key is to know the ones that best suits your company’s needs and your growth plans. Let us help you to select the proper hardware pieces and to canalize both buying and configuration process.

Modem? Router? CAT5 cable? If you need it, even if you’re not sure what it is, we can handle it!


We’ll make sure all your machines are fully loaded with all the software they need to tap into your new network or help you operate your business, from eCommerce to inventory.

App Development

App development is essential in today´s agile business environment. We can develop specific applications for internal purposes (sales process, administration, education, storage management, etc.) or customer engagement.


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