The Number One Thing You Should Do To Keep Your Computer Secured

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Internet Security

It’s something everyone knows a little about. But just how do you keep your computer secured?

Usually your data is only as secure as the password it’s protected by. Most online companies use your password to encrypt your data.  You may even have a password to log into your computer. The downside is that if your password is weak, it makes you a really easy target of brute force attacks.

Keep Your Computer Secured Against Brute Force!

Brute force attacks are when a criminal uses a computer to try and guess your passwords.  Since computers are much, much faster than humans, a mid grade desktop computer can guess over a hundred million passwords per second. So the question of password security isn’t really IF your password can be broken. It’s WHEN.

Most IT people will tell you to make a different password for every website, computer, or device you use, which is great advice, although at times impractical. The accounts that should have the most complicated passwords are usually your email, and your banking websites.

Password Security isn’t really IF your password can be broken. It’s WHEN

Complex Passwords

Complex passwords for banking seems like a no brainer, but email?

Consider this: If you forget your password for Facebook or Netflix, how do they help you reset your password? They send you an email. If an attacker can get access to your email, they can access every service you
use and reset the passwords.

Email is a wonderful tool that usually doesn’t get much thought, but it really is central to almost everything for your online identity, so it should really be at the forefront of what needs security the most.  Some email services like Gmail and Yahoo offer two factor authentication, which requires not only your password, but a code from a separate device before they’ll allow you to log in. This way, even if someone gets your password, they also need a code that your phone or other device will generate, and those codes usually are only good for one minute. This will greatly reduce your chances of having your account compromised. For more information on Google or Yahoo!’s two factor authentication:

If you’re curious about how strong your password is, or would like a rough idea of how long it will take a computer to guess your password, security firm Kaspersky created a tool to estimate that for you. Don’t put in your real password, but try one that is similar to see just how strong it is. The key here is password length, the longer the password the longer it takes to break.

Data, and knowledge gathered from your data is today’s currency.  There are other things you can do to keep your computer secured along with all your data.  However, like washing your hands before eating is the most effective method of infection control, password management can save you from the gut wrenching feeling of having your data stolen.  It is the most important thing you can do to keep your computer secured.

Check Out This Video for Password Hacks

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