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The world has turned 180 degrees since we began to see the infinite possibilities of the Internet. It started with the idea that we, people of flesh and blood, could be marketable in the internet too. It all started with the online ranking of some girls in a recognized university in the US. All this evolved into what we now know as Facebook.

Before Leveraging Facebook, Understand the Driving Force

The driving force behind this movement is our need to be recognized. This also applies to businesses, no matter how big or small. All the information shared by people and businesses have made social media networks a rich information repository about our current and potential customers. Through these platforms, we know tastes, trends, and opinions about the audiences and their interactions. The more tools we use, the more we learn, and the more effective the tools. Those include advertising, advergaming, organic searches, targeted campaigns and many other. Does anyone care to argue how social networks catapulted the race of President Barack Obama?  A strong digital marketing strategy in conjunction with other traditional marketing tools ultimately led him to the White House.

Facebook has your information, allowing companies like ours to access databases that help us design effective social media marketing strategies. Users build profiles based on their habits on the Web.  Facebook also monitors that data real time. Interaction in Facebook is continuously enhanced, allowing us to hone our ad hoc strategies.

Certainly, the use of Facebook needs to make sense in our business marketing strategy. There is no point in having a presence in all social networks just for the sake of it. The using social media must meet certain business goals and criteria. It could be to get more followers or create more awareness, or to strengthen brand loyalty by creating brand ambassadors.

For businesses, Facebook offers the option to create Fan Pages -sites for companies, artists, causes, etc.- They allow us to capture a larger number of followers, and deliver content specific to our brand, business or cause. With the Fan Pages, we can create contests, we can have a closer relationship with our customers, do damage control, defend or disseminate causes, create and promote events and provide general and customized advertising and promos.

If Facebook’s main goal was to keep people connected, then having only a profile would have been more than enough.  But it also offers great opportunities to promote your products and services. It’s real purpose is to be a bridge to connect you with your customers and potential customers. Building and maintaining relationships with your fans is the cornerstone of the success of your business on this platform.

Best Leveraging Facebook Strategy

To attain this level of success, we must understand various strategic aspects of your business social media marketing needs:

Does your business really need to be on Facebook?

Be honest with yourselves. You cannot afford to make the mistake of wanting to have a presence everywhere, especially where it will not be necessary, useful or profitable. Facebook can help you establish relationships and interact with your audience, as well as building brand awareness. But you must have a defined goal. Otherwise, your attempt may have an opposite effect on your business.

If your answer was “yes”, then it’s time to determine who you want to reach. Setting a target audience is crucial, as it saves resources and focuses your marketing efforts to your particular niche.

If you have a company selling household cleaning products, your target audience can be a- singles, b- between 25 to 50 years, c- with an average income of $30,000 a year. It is possible that the customer who buys your products could be the sons/daughters of your target audience, which adds new elements to consider in the equation. That’s when, a segmentation of your target audience will be needed. It is imperative that you know the online habits of your customers. The success of your strategy will depend on this.

After having a solid foundation with your target audience, you need to determine what goals to accomplish next:

Do you want more followers? Do want to reinforce your brand? Do you want to engage your audience? Do you want to provide customer service through this platform?

Your marketing goals will be the focal point on which to evaluate what actions to take. These actions could be ad campaigns.  Set goals using the indicators offered by Facebook, and then test your ads for few days to measure the reaction of your audience. The historical record from this platform serves to revise the actions taken and their impact on the audience. This data also helps to make strategic decisions according to the behavior shown by your customers interacting with your brand.

Once a target audience and your main goals are set, you can begin to define your content. It must be current, relevant, fun and helpful to your customers. If you can create interesting content that could also be entertaining, then it has the possibilities of becoming viral. Either way in can translate into more and better publicity, and a subsequently better conversion rate.

One of the advantages of great content is that it can become “liquid” and reusable in any of your other social media channels, either by providing new information or complementing the existing one.


Do not forget to interact! Facebook is a communication space. You must be willing to communicate with your audience directly. You can talk to all your fans, or reach them individually.  They love it when they know they matter to you.  It is also important to know how to handle the problems that will arise with your customers. Crisis management of opinions or information in social media is important because every situation has a bright side, even the worst one.

The tone of the conversation should always be cordial and close, trying to appeal to the values you want to convey to your audience and respecting the opinions of your customers. This does not mean you should tolerate disrespect. Assertively, you can demonstrate that you are willing to offer what is best for the client, even to apologize if it is necessary. Above all, you need to build and strengthen relationships, which is what all this is about.

Here at Br8kthroo, we are all about relationships. We can help you to answer these questions and to build a good foundation to start your online marketing strategies.  To get more information about this strategies contact us here.

Your business can benefit greatly by leveraging Facebook and using ad campaigns, contests-based campaigns, satisfaction surveys, and other tools that the Giant affords us.  Facebook has more than one billion users between people and companies around the world. That’s enough reason to be part of it!

Author: Veronica Fernandez-Miller

Veronica has more than 20 years of experience in the executive and public relations area, she is oriented in offering the best client services to empower people and companies so they can achieve their professional and personal goals.

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