How I Ultimately Found Passion and Became a True Entrepreneur

Passion and Entrepreneurship:


Don’t you know the world is constantly changing? Are you ready to face it? Compared to the old days, the way you prepare and get ready change has, well, changed.

After WWII people used to follow a traditional structure, which consisted of going to college, finding a job  (whether you liked it or not), build a good reputation and then, a well-deserved retirement. In those years, it didn’t matter if you enjoyed your job, or even if it had anything to do with what you loved to do.

Being a loyal employee and accomplishing the daily routine was enough.  That was what society demanded from you and everyone else.  In the end, when people died, they were remembered as the loyal, proper and honorable people that they were, and that was it! But, really? Were those people happy? Were they free to be who they wanted to be?

A New Paradigm

What people truly think is the quintessential paradigm. It is a fact that people do –or at least want to do- those things they love. It appears we are more connected with our inner being, and we pay more attention to what we want, our dreams and fears and most importantly, who we really are and want in our lives. This idea sounds good, but it is a little more difficult than we think. Finding ourselves is the toughest task we have to face in life.

Finding Ourselves

Finding ourselves is finding our passion… what makes us spark. It means to be conscious of our values, strengths, and weaknesses.  Especially, it’s being aware of that which brings us most joy and satisfaction.

Finding ourselves is to getting to know our abilities, the things we are naturally good at.  It’s doing those things that make time flies so fast we do not even notice.

Finding ourselves also means embracing those things we don’t like about ourselves. It is not about gaining more knowledge but about learning how to dominate our demons or fears and adapt them to serve our needs and desires.

What You Resist, Persists

In the past few years, I have learned that the very thing I resist is the one that persists. Well, this lesson has taught me that embracing my fears is more useful when I can transform them into things I can be passionate about. This concept is so important for your personal life, but even more so for your life as an entrepreneur.

Finding Your Passion

So, is passion something that we only feel when we are in love? Passion delivers energy itself; it is a huge motivator because it is the most personal reason for why we do what we do. When we enjoy what we do we are tireless, and invincible.  Nothing can stop us because we are experiencing the happiness… the spark that drives our lives and endeavors. Our lives, jobs or businesses have meaning.  Energy and ideas flow continuously.  We feel complete, and accomplished. Our talents become enhanced to levels beyond our expectations.

Passion is what pushes us to overcome our limits.

So, how can passion help me as an entrepreneur? If our passion can be profitable, then what makes it profitable is when we make it our mission. Our personal mission is related to the steps we take to accomplish our vision.  It is also how we want to be seen now and in the future.

Our vision is made and intertwined with our identity. These three things are very important to our identity:

1- Who we are and what are we able to do,

2- The definition of ourselves.

3- The result of time spent in self-reflection for understanding our insights.

Vision and mission are related to an objective, a goal based on our perception in the now and in the future and the things we do to make the vision real. The sum of all those parts is at the core of entrepreneurship.

Passion and entrepreneurship are more than friends. They should be like a couple madly in love with each other. Once we make the decision to be our own bosses, this concept makes more sense. There are many cases of medical doctors who after many years into their career have become chefs or bakers or actors.  There are accountants who have become police officers, only because they were following their true passion. Or people who are employees and for many years dreamed of opening their own business. Some of those just hover over their dreams of being their own boss. Others take action and follow their passion.

Passion requires commitment. It demands from us to be courageous and to be available 100%. Finding time is the toughest challenge we face when following our passion. Defining priorities is essential once we discover what we love to do.

It is up to us how much time we dedicate to our passion in spite of present duties.  It does not mean we must abandon the rest of our life of pursuing a dream. If you do that, well, it is up to you.  But the real challenge is to follow that passion without neglecting the rest of your responsibilities. M

Maybe you are not a youngster; maybe you have a family to take care of. Passion doesn’t mean being irresponsible, quite the opposite. Passion is precisely your commitment with what you love.

Passion is a mindset. Passion is deep and intense. It comes from our hearts. It expresses the real reason and purpose of our lives. It makes us better persons, therefore, making the world a better place.

Follow your passion. There’s only one life. Be bold and make your dreams come true every day while you take one step at a time in your life and in your business with… Passion.

Passion for what we do is our fuel at Br8kthroo. If you want to know how we can infuse more passion into your business, just contact us so we can help you ignite that spark. But careful, passion and entrepreneurship are contagious!

Author: Veronica Fernandez-Miller

Veronica has more than 20 years of experience in the executive and public relations area, she is oriented in offering the best client services to empower people and companies so they can achieve their professional and personal goals.

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