SAMARIE LAMBOY – Chief Operating Officer

I have the responsibility of ensuring Br8kthroo functions efficiently while producing results. The results that I look for are centered on two objectives that answer the following questions: 1-Are the clients happy? 2-Are the employees happy? The rest is cake work.

I was born in Puerto Rico, but grew up in Baltimore, MD. I am the mother of 3 beautiful girls, one who is no longer with us. Thais was born ischemic encephalopathy from our umbilical cord wrapping around her neck during labor. I imagine it’s hard for any 20 year old woman to hear the doctors talking about your daughter’s brain and asking me to make a decision about stopping life support. It was the most difficult decision of my life. I knew that ahead of that decision was pain.

The next 12 years I worked to network with people to find the best solutions for my daughter, to give her the best life a mother in my situation could afford her. She left, but my connection with her is stronger than ever. I am happy that she lived and got to feel my kisses and hugs, if only for 12 years.

I now work to give all my daughters the example that they too can live with the best that life has to offer. Those were the lessons of my daughter and I pass them on to my clients, partners, and employees here at Br8kthroo.