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Communication is always evolving.  Since ancient humans began structuring language, developing writing systems and implement different symbols to communicate to each other, there has always been a common factor: Images.

Image is a universal way to communicate. It is powerful, concrete, cultural, and complete. An image says more than a thousand words.  Today more than ever that is a reality. We live in an audiovisual era.

Nowadays in the internet kingdom video is the new king that delivers powerful images and messages to position brands and products.  It’s the best to get users attention. Video content participation increased considerably over the last three years.  According to 78% of people watch videos on Internet every week.   57% of the web traffic came from videos.   in 2018 experts believe this will have risen to 79%. That is why today marketers are increasingly including videos into their Content Marketing strategies. A good video is, without doubt, more powerful and effective than  white papers used in the  past. They are also much more likely to be shared than a traditional e-book.

Video and audiovisual material also reached a new level with the creation of apps that allow users to broadcast live video streaming such as Periscope and Meerkat. Those tools open a world of possibilities to engage your audiences and interact with them.

Video marketing is more and more a fundamental communication strategy. It also allows companies to measure effectiveness, because of the simple analytic  tools that let you know how many people view your video material, for how long, at what point they stop watching it.  You also know immediately if they shared it and other valuable data.  That´s a great input for your marketing plan to achieve your business goals. indicates that online video now accounts for 50% of all mobile web traffic. That includes business related videos. In fact, the same research shows that:

– 80% of senior executives watch more online videos than they did a year ago

– 75% of business executives watch work-related videos at least weekly and

– 54% of them share those videos with colleagues on regular basis.

59% of the executives interviewed agree that if text and video are available in the same page, they prefer to watch the video. Those are important numbers for every company to consider.

Videos also have characteristics that make them unique. Like good advertising ads they are: measurable, memorable and emotional.  The latter one is important because it allows you to establish a close and personal relationship with the audience.

Those relationships are why we love making videos here at Br8kthroo.  Here are some suggestions for you to handle that part of your communication :

* Include Video Marketing as an essential part of your content marketing strategy

Like I mentioned in my previous post, this new and trendy discipline includes developing content designed and structured to meet three main objectives:

1) Be compatible with the web crawlers to obtain better results to appear in the major search engines on the internet.

2) Allow your company to have their own “online voice” that identifies and differentiates it from its competitors.

3) Provide customers added value with both the use of the products or services, as well as information for learning and personal development.

You can easily meet all these objectives with online videos.

* Improve the chances of your video being seen with SEO

To be more effective, we recommend you to include subtitles with keyword phrases and to write the content of the video un the description section. Publishing videos with catchy titles that relate them to your business content is also a good idea. Make sure you embed the  videos on your own website, but also use Youtube, Facebook, Twitter and other social media.  Your video will be more readily available and will increase your SEO results.

* Keep the videos short and attractive

The first 12-15 seconds determine if your audience will keep watching. If the video is good and relevant, you could keep them  for 1.5 to 2 min for PC´s users, mobile users could stay until 3 min in general.

* Make Emotional Videos

The emotional factor of a video is key to establish a connection with the audience. So more than just selling a product, make the content human, emotional and relevant. (Interview satisfied customers for example).

* Have dedicated resources

We are not talking about millions of dollars. But having a trained video producing team increases your chances of success in achieving strong effective online presence.

* Include a Call to Action

Give your viewers a way to close the loop and maintain the relationship after the video is over. This will allow you to establish contact with potential leads.

So what are you waiting for?  Start making videos!  Let us know if we can help.

Author: Melbeg Exposito

Melbeg Exposito is one of Br8kthroo’s collaborator for copy write material and the Marketing Director for Organización Repro. Formerly she was the Channel Campaign Manager for Oracle Venezuela and the Integrated Marketing Communications Manager for IBM Venezuela. She is the recipient of the Publicity National Asociation (Anda in spanish) award. Melbeg has a Social Communications Bachelor’s Degree from Universidad Católica Andres Bello and a Master’s Degree in Marketing from Universidad Simón Bolivar.

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